The Process of Designing a WordPress Website

The Process of Designing a WordPress Website

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Looking for a new website? Do you need to redesign your old website with modern technology? Looking for a responsive website design?

The process of designing a WordPress website is really quite simple…

You approach us with a new website or website redesign request. After chatting about your goals and purpose for the website, we begin to research the appropriate WordPress theme for your business market. Our aim is to find a WordPress theme specific to your industry.

There are two ways of building a WordPress website. You can either take a preinstalled theme and modify it here and there or you can build the actual layout from scratch. To cut the discussion short, if you take an existing theme then you get a lot of functionality out of the box. And that’s functionality that’s been tested by other people and proven to work properly.

Once we have spent some time researching WordPress themes, we compile an email with 2 / 3 template examples for our clients to view and play around with. The website is completely active – so you are able to view the different page options that come with a purchased WordPress theme.

We want your website to be spectacular, with added features that set you apart from your competitors.

For example…

+ Hotel Website – Need a booking system?
+ Golf Club Website – Need a live scoring feature?
+ Lawyer Website – Ecommerce with downloadable PDF’s contracts?

Once the WordPress theme has been chosen, we convert it into your own personalised branded website, styled with your logo, your content, your images and our design vision…

The image example shows you the original website design layout, the WordPress theme we researched that suited the Fertility business market and added the clients own images, content and logo.

The process of designing a WordPress website is really quite simple! We research, plan, design, code, tweak and complete your WordPress website!

Below is our Before and After example…

WordPress Websites Before and After


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