How Long Does the Website Design Process Take?

How Long Does the Website Design Process Take?

How long does the website design process take? That depends on your business needs and the scope of the project!

WordPress Websites

We offer custom-designed WordPress websites. Our designers can create a beautiful and functional website that reflects your unique brand.

We also work with WordPress themes that are already preinstalled with WordPress Content Management System (CMS). WordPress offers free themes – which is great if our clients are on a tight budget. And we are also open to purchased themes – which we recommend if you want a more industry-specific website or web design.

This whole process can take a week to a few weeks depending on the size of the website. And the functionalities required in making your website work.

For example, setting up an eCommerce website takes a little longer as we need to make sure all your products are added. A payment gateway will also need to be set up and secured.

Basic HTML Websites

A website designed from scratch and hand-coded! If this is your preferred option – we usually design two versions for you, taking into account all the specific information you have asked for. Once completed, we send the design versions to you for approval.

Once you have approved the layout – we take the website design and cut it into tiny little pieces (called slicing). Those sliced images are put together using HTML and CSS coding.

When writing HTML, you add “tags” to the text to create the structure. These tags tell the browser how to display the text or graphics in the document. Once the basic structure of your website has been created – we start building all your website pages with the content and images you have supplied.

As long as there are no delays with the content provided by our clients – you should have your website up and running in two weeks – 1 month.

If it takes longer – you will be informed beforehand. We always hope for a smooth process and love to keep our clients happy.

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