Free, Premium or Custom-Designed WordPress Themes

Free Premium or Custom Designed WordPress Themes

We offer free premium or custom-designed WordPress themes.

A theme provides all of the front-end styling, appearance and basic function of a WordPress website.

Our job is to find a theme suitable for your business market and brand. Your job is to decide which option is best for your business and budget – free, premium or custom-designed WordPress themes.

Here are a few things to consider before making your decision.

Free WordPress Themes 

WordPress has an extensive range of free themes – over 4,000+ to choose from. Free themes are great if you are on a budget or require minimalist styling.


  • do not cost anything
  • install is quick and easy
  • uses WordPress functions, filters and libraries
  • pre-approved


  • Lacks in-depth customization options
  • Features and functionalities are usually limited
  • Some coding knowledge is required
  • Offer limited support or no documentation
  • Security vulnerabilities if not updated frequently
  • Lacks uniqueness – popular free themes are downloaded by millions of users worldwide.
Premium WordPress Themes

If your goal is to make your website look professional and attractive, or you need a more complex solution – premium themes offer out-of-the-box features with better functionality.

  • Generally reasonably priced
  • Premium themes offer uniqueness
  • The overall build quality is far superior
  • A premium option is designed with speed in mind
  • Greater customization options make branding easier
  • Excellent support and documentation
  • Premium themes are updated more regularly
  • More features including third-party app integrations to extend the functionality of your website.
Custom Designed WordPress Theme

A custom-designed WordPress website is one that has been specifically designed for a particular site, rather than being created with an existing free or premium theme. This means that the design of the theme will be tailored to fit the specific needs and requirements of the site it is being created for.

If you’re looking for a custom WordPress theme that is designed specifically for your needs, we can help. We have a team of experienced designers!

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