Difference between Custom Designs and Templates

Difference between Custom Designs and Templates

Well, there are a few differences… Firstly, with a custom designed template – YOU get to create the website you have always dreamed about. You get to tell us what you want. We take your vision and transform that onto the web.

Perhaps there are other elements you would like to include – like a blog? Or online gallery? With a custom designed template you also get two versions of your web site design supplied to you – which allows you to have a choice. Don’t like the first? Look at the second? You can mix and match, remove functionalities, throw in an extra element or two… and then we take all your information and create the final layout… The one everyone will get to see once we have completed the coding steps and gone live with your site.

With templates – you get to decide which version you like, but the layout basically stays the same. We can change the colouring; add your logo and all the information specific to your business… But that’s about it. The BIG plus to pre-designed templates – is the price! Because the design has already been create – we don’t charge you a design fee. All we charge is the time it would take to code the existing template, add all your information, validating all the files and submitting your site to search engine… And that’s it!

So at the end of the day – it is up to you.

If you are in a rush and need something quick, but don’t have the money for a customised design – a pre-designed template is just what you need! If you have something specific in mind for your site – a custom designed template is the way forward. Of course you want something unique and specific to your company.