Difference between Custom Design Websites and WordPress Themes

Difference between Custom Design Websites and WordPress Themes

What is the difference between custom design websites and WordPress themes? Well, there are a few differences…

Custom-designed Website

Firstly, with a custom-designed website – the website is designed from scratch. You get to tell us what you want. We take your vision and transform that into a fully functional website, using HTML and CSS styling.

With a custom-designed website, we provide you with two versions to choose from. This gives the client some control over the direction of their website. Perhaps there are other elements you would like to include – like a blog? Or an online gallery? Don’t like the first version? Look at the second version. You can mix and match, throw in an extra element or two… and then we take all that information and create the final website design.


With WordPress themes – the layout and movement basically stay the same. We can change the colouring, add your logo, style the site in line with your brand, and include all the information specific to your business…

WordPress themes can be free or purchased and are very popular amongst our clients. Purchased website themes give us more access and control over the design layout. And come with support from the developers. But again, this depends on your budget.

At the end of the day – it is up to you. If you have something specific in mind for your website – a custom-designed website is a way forward. If you are in a rush and need something quick, but don’t have the money for a customised website design – a WordPress theme is just what you need!

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