Corporate Identity and Brand Identity

Corporate Identity and Brand Identity

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Corporate Identity refers to the look and feel of the entire company. Brand Identity refers to the look and feel of a particular product.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is how a corporation views itself and how it wishes to portray itself to the public. Every time you do anything online or offline, your Corporate Identity is the symbol that ensures your vision stays powerful. For instance, having a great logo designed is vitally important in creating a professional representation of your company. Our graphic designers provide roughly 2 / 3 logo design options to choose from, with 2 sets of changes.

During the design phase and after the logo approval, we start to pull your new corporate identity across to business cards, letterheads, brochures, email signatures and all other forms of branding material required by your company. All design files will be provided in high-resolution formats. We can also put together a final CI Guide for future projects too.

Below is an example of our Corporate Identity guide.

Brand Identity

A brand is an idea behind a company’s identity, the impression people have of you. A brand is what you stand for, believe in, behave like. Its how you are perceived by those that conduct business with you. A business may have many different brand identities wrapped up in its overall Corporate Identity.


Branding is the process through which graphic designers help companies determine who they are and communicate about it. In distinguishing your services you tell the public why they should work with you. Above all, if you use branding correctly and appeal to the proper markets, you can increase your traffic and revenue.

We are passionate about our graphic design skills so if you need to launch a new corporate identity or brand identity, we can help!

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Below is an example of our Brand Style Guide.



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