Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio - Web Design Graphic Design, Publications and Logo Design

Below you will find some of our portfolio work consisting of basic html web design / websites, WordPress web design / websites, logo design, publications, letterheads, A4 adverts  and  graphic work - like wedding invitations and restaurant menu's etc... We are continuously updating our portfolio page with our latest work.

Our HGR publication are all digital - meaning they can be viewed online. We also manage their monthly newsletter which is emailed to a list of 20 000+ clients. The latest edition can be found here.

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  • Aware Bears

    Aware Bears

  • Good Mood Food

    Good Mood Food

  • Human Recruitment

    Human Recruitment

  • Buttercup Preschool

    Buttercup Preschool

  • Batteries For Golf

    Batteries For Golf

  • For Hire

    For Hire

  • ERHC


  • Rhoda Pharmacy

    Rhoda Pharmacy

  • Lerike Burger Photography

    Lerike Burger Photography

  • Cape & Blue

    Cape & Blue

  • MQMS


  • MNG Projects

    MNG Projects

  • Nexgen Holdings

    Nexgen Holdings

  • Accounting Haven

    Accounting Haven

  • Gawie Le Roux Counseling

    Gawie Le Roux Counseling

  • Fox Base Alpha Logistics

    Fox Base Alpha Logistics

  • Naturally Be Happy

    Naturally Be Happy

  • Our Physio

    Our Physio

  • VNL


  • 1toGo


  • Voyage De Panache

    Voyage De Panache

  • OMC Health

    OMC Health

  • Zwana Unicoms

    Zwana Unicoms

  • Cargoprep